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Trading On A Sellers’ Market

Posted by on May 3, 2016 in Trading Market

Many people fail to cash in when real estate market becomes sellers’ market. To be more exact, they don’t know what sellers’ market actually means, and even if they do, people don’t know how to react. I will with this article, hopefully, change this by explaining what sellers and what buyers should do once the market becomes like this.
For those that don’t know what a sellers’ market is, it is simply a market where there has been a sudden increase in the interest in the real estate. This means that there is only limited number of properties whose price is increasing and that there is a big interest by many buyers for those properties. Sellers’ market is a version of highly competitive market, but the competition is not as fierce as it can be.

As a seller you should be prepared for possible buyers. You should inspect the property for any issues and to come forward with them. First buyer might be the guy that will give you the best offer so
you should explain them all issues the property has. It might lower the price a bit, but the buyer will see that you are an honest party. If a buyer finds those issues he will suspect that there are more things you failed to mention and you can lose him.  After you have lost a buyer in that fashion you can go back on the market, but you might never get a deal that first buyer offered.

Seller on this kind of market must have a clear strategy for dealing with offers. There is no universal strategy for dealing with buyers; it all depends on the location and the property.

Some sellers should deal with every offer as it is placed, If you choose a wrong strategy you will earn less, so it is smart to consult a professional (someone who knows what is going on).

As a buyer you should be ready to move in and buy a property as soon as it hits the market. This doesn’t mean that you should by first thing that pops up, but you should be ready for the right real estate. Sellers’ market makes buyers aggressive and you should follow that fashion. As soon as you see a new listing that interests you, you should  head over there and check it and if a seller is willing you can strike a deal several hours after the property entered the market.

A buyer should not get angry or sad or something like that if he fails to purchase a property or two. On sellers’ market you will miss quite a lot of real estates.

In some cases you will fail to offer enough and sometimes you will be late and the property will be sold before you are able to act. But that is the nature of the market, so be patient and wait for new listings and you will find a property that will be an excellent buy.

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